TNA Benefits.
Nutrition Wellness Center

Who Could Benefit From TNA?

  • People who get tired, stressed-out, run down, or have low energy.

  • People who want to know how to strengthen their immunity & resistance to degenerative & infectious disease.

  • People who want a comprehensive, individualized nutritional overview of their current health status.

  • People who do not eat a variety of healthful, whole foods on a consistent daily basis.

  • People who have chronic health problems who want to know if nutritional supplements could be of help to strengthen the body, enabling it to fight back.

  • People who are exposed to chemicals (most hair, nail, & skin care products, household cleaning products, chemicals in the workplace, processed foods, pesticides).

  • People who want to know which nutritional supplements they should choose & the amounts, which are safe & recommended for their own individual needs.

  • People who want to "fine-tune" their existing nutritional program.

  • People who value their current good health & wish to maintain it.

  • People who want to look & feel younger.

  • Students with learning disabilities.

  • Children with behavior problems.

....Target the roadblocks on your path to wellness

....Enhance your bodies own power to de-toxify everyday chemicals & toxins

....Boost your immunity & defense powers

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